My Confession

I will try to start again;
I will write in a different language,
Perhaps thats the way that I can confess my self..
My imagination it's down
My dreams are in mode standby
And my hopes...
I preffer not mention that...

Sometimes I feel I give up
And the little faith that is inside of me
Fights with all the little strenght that left on my heart...
So... I look my reflection in the mirrow
and I see the beautiful girl that I am
and I say to myself at loud:
"Don't worry you are going to have your chance"
"Don't give up, you will going to shine like a beautiful star,
so smile and never fall down..."

At night, when everyone are at sleeptime
I'm in my bed, looking at the roof of my room
Trying to construct one dream that helps me to believe
But I can't... and I fall sleep and have a white dream...
I wake up the next morning and the same thing repeats...
I wonder when I will start to live
and start to write a new story about someone and me...
Thats something that is not going to happend tonight...
That is going to happend when God decides my moment to shine.

For the moment I will stop my writting
And feed my inspiration
with the full moon and the stars...
Who knows, perhaps I will dream tonight.

Mariela Reneé García Vélez
Junio 13, 2011
21:30 horas.


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